Chaddock Corporate Citizenry

Chaddock's mission is clear: to be the best high-end home furnishings company in the world. How we accomplish this is as important as the fine products we produce. Thus, Chaddock is also committed to what we call Corporate Citizenry, which concerns how we engage with our people and the environment. In each area, we seek to be the best.

Human Resources

Equal Opportunity
Chaddock offers equal employment opportunities to all, without discrimination based on gender, race, origin, background, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Teamwork and Continuous Learning
A commitment to continuous education and collaboration is fundamental to the Chaddock culture. We actively engage with the local community colleges and state universities to implement forward-thinking programs. As one example, Chaddock enjoys an ongoing partnership with NC State University and their renowned Lean Manufacturing extension program.

Safe Workplace
At Chaddock, we care for our employees with sound environment policies, and support their well-being with an on-site nurse practitioner. Creating a safe work place is our number one priority and is something we practice every day.

Environmental Resources

Heirloom Quality
Chaddock designs are relevant for the way people live today. Our furniture is also built to last multiple generations. Chaddock "heirloom quality" is perhaps the ultimate statement in sustainability.

Man and Technology
Chaddock pairs old-school craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology - from sophisticated CAD systems to precision routers - to make furniture of lasting quality.

Made in America
Chaddock is proudly committed to a domestic production model, believing that dedicated craftspeople working in teams and supported by modern equipment will compete effectively in the global economy. Today, nearly 90% of Chaddock products are made in the U.S.A.

With few exceptions, efficient modern equipment operated by skilled craftspeople produce furniture from rough boards. This reduces overseas deliveries on large container ships, thus reducing Chaddock's overall carbon footprint.

Made to Order
Customization is Chaddock's expertise. We make furniture to order for fine retailers and designers the world wide. This reduces the need to warehouse finished goods in temperature controlled warehouses.

Local Resources
Chaddock actively seeks out local area suppliers, bolstering the local community and reducing the wasteful use of energy used in transporting materials.

Material Waste
Waste minimization measures cost nothing, but yield big results. Chaddock purposefully designs furniture to utilize short pieces of lumber that would normally be considered waste. Additionally, sawdust, a natural by product of the manufacture of fine furniture, is collected and send to a local recycling facility virtually at our back door.

FSC Certification
Chaddock sources all timber-based products from sustainable forestland under FSC chain of custody. A FSC certification guarantees that areas where our wood originates are replanted and reforested. FSC certification also ensures Chaddock's long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the communities where the timberlands are located.

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