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Chaddock promises not to sell, rent or give your name to any third parties. It's that simple.

Our lawyers asked us to also point out the following:
This Privacy Policy Statement sets forth the privacy policy pertaining to this Site,, and http://, and all sites of the affiliates of Chaddock, Ferguson Copeland/ Guy Chaddock ("Ferguson Copeland/Guy Chaddock"), which are linked to this Site (collectively, the "Sites"). By using any Site, you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy Statement. For other terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Sites, please review our Legal Statement.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy Statement, "Personal Information" means any information by which you can be personally identified, and includes your name, your address, your telephone number, your e-mail address and the like. Most Sites do not require that you submit Personal Information to Chaddock. However, some Sites may request Personal Information in order to help Chaddock serve you more effectively. Chaddock collects Personal Information only when you voluntarily submit such Personal Information to us, such as when placing a product order through a Site, when entering a contest, and so on.

For each visitor to the Sites, our Web servers automatically recognize only information regarding the visitor's domain name (or that of the visitor's access provider) and e-mail address. Regardless of the purpose for which it is submitted, it is Chaddock's policy to maintain all Personal Information as confidential, and to use such Personal Information only for the following purposes:

  • for the specific purpose for which it was volunteered (for example, to complete a product purchase, to enter a contest, to answer an email, etc.);
  • to improve the content, appearance and utility of the Sites;
  • to track our visitors' use of the Sites for internal market research; and
  • to notify our visitors of updates to the Sites.

It is Chaddock's policy to keep Personal Information only for so long as needed for such purposes. Chaddock does not sell or rent to third parties Personal Information about its customers or visitors to the Sites. Except for the Personal Information we need to complete your purchase of products, you may request at any time that Chaddock dispose of any or all Personal Information about you. In addition, at any time you may request (i) that Chaddock correct any such Personal Information or (ii) that such Personal Information be removed from Chaddock's marketing databases. To make any request described above, either:

Send an e-mail to:

Or write to: Chaddock Attn: Consumer Service PO Box 10, Morganton, North Carolina 28680

Please be sure to provide your exact e-mail address, name, address and/or telephone number(s) so that we can handle your request correctly.

Chaddock reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Privacy Policy Statement at any time. You should check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of this Site following the posting of changes to this Privacy Policy Statement will mean that you accept those changes.

Legal Statement

This legal statement contains the terms and conditions governing this Site,, and http://, and all sites of the affiliates of Chaddock ("Ferguson Copeland/ Guy Chaddock"), which are linked to this Site (collectively, the "Sites"). By using any of these Sites, you expressly accept and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions contained in this Legal Statement. Do not use any Sites if you do not accept and agree to these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise referenced herein, any reference to "Ferguson Copeland/Guy Chaddock" shall include Ferguson Copeland/ Guy Chaddock and all of its affiliates. The Sites are available only for your personal use, which shall be limited to viewing the Sites, providing information to the Sites and downloading product information for your personal review.


Chaddock owns all of the Sites. Chaddock owns or has rights to all of the wallpaper, icons, characters, artwork, images, graphics, music, text, software and other content of the Sites (the "Content"), and all HTML, CGI and other code and scripts in any format used to implement the Sites (the "Code"). The Content and Code of the Sites are protected by copyright. Except as set forth above, you may not copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, re-publish, display for redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes, or otherwise distribute any Code or Content from the Sites without the prior written agreement of Chaddock. You may not use the Content or Code from the Sites for any purpose other than those set forth above. All names, logos and trademarks that appear on the Sites are the property of Chaddock or are used by Chaddock under license. You may not use any of the foregoing for any purpose without the prior express written permission of Chaddock. Your failure to comply with this Legal Statement will constitute breach of contract and will violate Chaddock's copyright, trademark and other proprietary and industrial property rights.

No License Section

Except as expressly provided above, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right under any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary or industrial right of Chaddock, its affiliates or any third party.

Use of Information Submitted By You

Note: This section does not apply to personal data supplied by you to any Site, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and the like. Please see our Privacy Policy Statement for information regarding our treatment of personal data.

If you respond to Chaddock with any information, including but not limited to feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions or the like, such information shall not be deemed confidential. All such submissions shall be deemed the property of Chaddock, and your submission of information shall constitute an assignment to Chaddock of all worldwide rights, titles and interests in such information. Chaddock will not be liable for any use or disclosure of such information.

Chaddock will not have any obligation to keep such information confidential and will be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation. Chaddock will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products that incorporate or otherwise rely upon such information.

Chaddock welcomes your comments and suggestions on its Sites and products, but Chaddock does not seek to solicit any confidential or proprietary ideas, suggestions, materials or other information relating to developing, designing, redesigning, modifying, manufacturing or marketing its products or any new products. By submitting information, you warrant that Chaddock may publish such information, use it as part of its operations, and incorporate its concepts in Chaddock products without liability.

Product and Pricing Information

Although Chaddock has made every effort to display the products and their colors as accurately as possible, the displayed colors of the products will depend upon the monitor of the user and Chaddock cannot guarantee that the user's monitor will accurately portray the actual colors of the products. Products displayed may be out-of- stock or discontinued, and prices are subject to change. Chaddock is not responsible for typographical errors regarding price or any other matter. Subject to the foregoing, the prices displayed are quoted in U.S. dollars and are effective only for United States purchases. Purchases are subject to applicable taxes to be paid by the purchaser, and do not include shipping and handling. Purchase requests to addresses outside the United States cannot be filled.


Chaddock's mission is clear: to be the best high-end home furnishings company in the world. How we accomplish this is as important as the fine products we produce. Thus, Chaddock is also committed to what we call Corporate Citizenry, which concerns how we engage with our people and the environment. In each area, we seek to be the best.

Human Resources

Equal Opportunity
Chaddock offers equal employment opportunities to all, without discrimination based on gender, race, origin, background, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Teamwork and Continuous Learning
A commitment to continuous education and collaboration is fundamental to the Chaddock culture. We actively engage with the local community colleges and state universities to implement forward-thinking programs. As one example, Chaddock enjoys an ongoing partnership with NC State University and their renowned Lean Manufacturing extension program.

Safe Workplace
At Chaddock, we care for our employees with sound environment policies, and support their well-being with an on-site nurse practitioner. Creating a safe work place is our number one priority and is something we practice every day.

Environmental Resources

Heirloom Quality
Chaddock designs are relevant for the way people live today. Our furniture is also built to last multiple generations. Chaddock "heirloom quality" is perhaps the ultimate statement in sustainability.

Man and Technology
Chaddock pairs old-school craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology - from sophisticated CAD systems to precision routers - to make furniture of lasting quality.

Made in America
Chaddock is proudly committed to a domestic production model, believing that dedicated craftspeople working in teams and supported by modern equipment will compete effectively in the global economy. Today, nearly 90% of Chaddock products are made in the U.S.A.

With few exceptions, efficient modern equipment operated by skilled craftspeople produce furniture from rough boards. This reduces overseas deliveries on large container ships, thus reducing Chaddock's overall carbon footprint.

Made to Order
Customization is Chaddock's expertise. We make furniture to order for fine retailers and designers the world wide. This reduces the need to warehouse finished goods in temperature controlled warehouses.

Local Resources
Chaddock actively seeks out local area suppliers, bolstering the local community and reducing the wasteful use of energy used in transporting materials.

Material Waste
Waste minimization measures cost nothing, but yield big results. Chaddock purposefully designs furniture to utilize short pieces of lumber that would normally be considered waste. Additionally, sawdust, a natural by product of the manufacture of fine furniture, is collected and send to a local recycling facility virtually at our back door.

FSC Certification
Chaddock sources all timber-based products from sustainable forestland under FSC chain of custody. A FSC certification guarantees that areas where our wood originates are replanted and reforested. FSC certification also ensures Chaddock's long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the communities where the timberlands are located.


Chaddock publishes information on its Sites as a convenience to its visitors. While Chaddock attempts to provide accurate and timely information, there may be inadvertent technical or factual inaccuracies and typographical errors. We reserve the right to make corrections and changes to the Sites at any time without notice. The Chaddock products described in its Sites may not be available in your region. Chaddock does not claim that the information in the Sites is appropriate to your jurisdiction or that the products described in its Sites will be available for purchase in all jurisdictions. Chaddock operates its Sites from the United States. It is possible that some software that may be downloaded from the Sites is subject to government export control or other restrictions. By visiting and using our Sites, you acknowledge these restrictions and agree that you are not subject to them. Chaddock makes no warranties of any kind regarding any non-Chaddock sites to which the user may be directed or hyperlinked from this Site. Hyperlinks are included solely for the convenience of the user, and Chaddock makes no representations or warranties with regard to the accuracy, availability, suitability, or safety of information provided in such non-Chaddock sites. Visitors assume all responsibility and risk with respect to their use of the Sites. Chaddock disclaims all warranties, representations and endorsements, express or implied, with regard to information accessed from or via the Sites, including but not limited to all express and implied warranties, such as warranty of title, merchantability, non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. Chaddock does not warrant that the Sites are free of computer viruses, bugs or other harmful components. Chaddock does not warrant that the functions contained in the material will be uninterrupted or error-free or that errors will be detected or corrected. Chaddock does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information disclosed or accessed through the Sites. Chaddock does not have any duty to update its Sites or modify their Content or Code, and Chaddock shall not be liable for its failure to update such information. It is your responsibility to verify any information contained in the Sites before relying upon it.


Chaddock reserves the right to withdraw access to the Sites or to revise the services and products described in the Sites at any time without notice. Chaddock may at any time revise the terms and conditions contained in this Legal Statement by updating this posting. You are bound by any revisions and should periodically visit this page to review the current terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Sites. The invalidity of any term, condition or provision of this Legal Statement shall not affect the enforceability of those portions of the Legal Statement deemed enforceable by applicable courts of law.

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